With life expectancies getting ever longer, there's a good chance you'll retire with a third of your life still ahead of you. How much money will you have to support yourself for those 25 or 30 years? Possibly not enough.

More than a third of Canadians don't have a workplace pension plan. Of those who do, more than half don't know what kind of plan they have or how to get the most money out of it. They're shocked when they can't reach their retirement dreams because of an unrealistic plan - or no plan at all. This is your retirement wake-up call.

Inside this book, pension specialists Ian Burns and Shelley Johnston walk you through the essential pension and planning information that will guide you to a brighter retirement. They'll show you - through easy tips, practical advice, and illuminating stories from people just like you - how to take control of your future.

The time to pay attention to your pension® is now.

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Ian Burns & Shelley Johnston

Ian Burns & Shelley Johnston

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