Design the Rest of your Life ...

So, you are approaching retirement. How do you reshape the rest of your life and how do you plan for a worry free retirement?

Ian Burns and Shelley Johnston will inspire you to take control of your retirement years by helping you put a plan in place, to turn your dreams into realities.

By paying attention to your pension and your retirement, they will help you determine whether you have the finances in place so you can really have the freedom to do what you want in retirement.

Their high energy, inspirational workshop-style presentation is ideal for those who want to come away with some powerful and practical strategies to help you design a specific action plan for retirement.

You will learn:

  • What type of pension plan you have;
  • How your pension plan works;
  • What you need to look for in your pension plan; and
  • If you don't have a pension plan, what you can do

Discover the secrets to a worry-free retirement

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"Very helpful - explained most of the considerations with views of retiring in 2011/12"
— JK

"Very informative; options are clearly covered."
— Sheri D.

"Very informative; the little push that we needed to move to the next level. Thank you! Well done."
— John C.

"Good. Would recommend someone attend."
— Peter A.

"Very informative and timely. Provided a lot of information to consider."
— Bill S.

— David L.

"Excellent and provided focus on what questions to ask about our family pension information."
— Nicholas J.

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