Many of our clients want to understand how they can begin to know if their pension is enough.

If you do want to control where you arrive in your retirement, you want to make sure you know which way to go.  The first step is to look at your values and lifestyle goals.  This means taking the time to reflect on your life now and as you see it in the future.

For that reason, we have provided some resources to assist you with establishing these goals.

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Download a copy of the Retirement Worksheet. This handy form can be used to estimate your income and expenses after retirement.

This is a great exercise for putting behind you those things you no longer want to be part of your life and focusing on what matters the most to you. This helps move you from a predicable past to a focused future. For more information, please refer to Chapter 7 of the book.

The first part is an excellent question to ask for setting goals is The R-Factor Question. As participants in The Strategic Coach Program, we've always found it to be an excellent tool. To help answer this question, picture yourself in three years. What's happening in your life? Perhaps you're planning a trip, downsizing - selling your house. Another way to look at this, would be: I would be happy if I: had no debt, could spend our winter in Florida etc ...

The second part, is The D.O.S. Exercise from The Strategic Coach. This exercise looks at your dangers, opportunities and strengths. By focusing on these three areas, you'll get a much clearer picture of what is standing in your way (dangers), what you might gain (opportunities), and what will make it possible for you to get there (strengths).

For more information, please refer to Chapter 7 of the book.

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